PC water cooling

Published 2006/04/19

Some DIY cold plates used around 1998-1999. The copper one was originally made for the first Celeron 266 in Slot1 and then used with Celeron 300A after it was released. It was used with 2 x 80W peltier elements.
The copper coldplate in the photos has a matching water block made of the same copper bar.
All these were built with very basic tools so they are not the prettiest.

Some results of what was achieved with these can be seen here.

Picture from Wikipedia of a slot 1 Celeron that fits this coldplate

Found some pictures of the water block used with the above copper coldplate. The additional aluminium attachment pieces in the picture weren’t used with the above coldplate. Instead the water block was screwed straight to the coldplate.

Another smaller version of the coldplate for two 40x40mm peltiers that makes better insulation possible compared to the first large coldplate. Size of this coldplate is 80×40 mm so it just covers the peltier elements.

Coldplate for 4 x 80W peltier elements in parallel and the waterblock with some insulation still in place. This water block was also used with chilled water so that’s why the insulation covering everything.

Parts used to keep the whole package together:

This 4 peltier arrangement combined with a cpu running at 115% overclock and near 40% core voltage increase was a good water heater 😉

Some plans from that time for a cascade arrangement with 1 and 3 peltier elements in the 2 stages