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Cerfpod flash and JTAG board

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Received the PCB for the flash and JTAG board.

cerfpod_flash_exp_top.jpg cerfpod_flash_exp_bottom.jpg cerfpod_flash_exp_top_con.jpg

FX6 connector and JTAG connector assembled.

cerfpod_flash_exp_con_asm.jpg cerfpod_flash_exp_attached.jpg

Next step would be to get JTAG working.

The board also breaks out the I2C bus from the Cerfpod expansion connector.

Cerfpod 255SE NOR flash module

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Because of many other higher priority projects and because there haven’t been a specific project to use this board in, this has been delayed a lot. This is the planned NOR flash add-on for the Cerfpod. This also works as a break out board for the JTAG connections for the XScale and the CPLD.