USB graphics LCD controller

Another project in development is a USB interfaced controller board for graphic displays. As it uses the S1D13700 controller from Epson it can support a maximum resolution of 640×240 in 1 bpp mode. Also supported by the Epson controller are 320×240 max at 2 bpp and 240×160 max at 4 bpp. This controller can be used with controllerless LCD panels with 4-bit interface. Included on the board are two common FFC connectors used with these displays and a 2.54mm pitch header for custom wiring. Also included is a DC/DC converter for generating the contrast voltage these displays usually need.

Rendered image of the first prototype


First prototype assembled


Controller board used in an experiment with a transparent LCD


The project was developed further and more information is available here:

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  1. lehmi76 Says:

    Great Work, but what kind of microcontroller do you use ? It’s not clearly to see on your pictures…

  2. Henri Says:

    It took a little while to get your comment approved as it was hiding between all the spam so I didn’t notice it immediately.

    The microcontroller is LPC214x from NXP.

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