CerfPod good news!

I got a reply and the “nBOOT_FLASH_ENA” seems to be exactly what I was hoping for.

This is the answer I got:
Yes, the CerfPod 255SE can boot from external NOR flash by pulling
that pin low. It triggers a bit of logic on the board to remap nCS0
from the DiskOnChip to nCS0 external, then maps nCS3 (I believe) to
the DiskOnChip. Then you can use the Linux DiskOnChip drivers as
general storage (you will corrupt the DiskOnChip contents and render
the board unbootable from DiskOnChip).

So very good news it looks like. Now just need to find some suitable NOR flash device that can be acquired and design a board with it.

Possible flash device could be Toshiba TC58FVM7T5BTG65 from Digi-Key. 128MBit flash for a reasonable price.

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