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Old news:

12.4.2003 23.10

I almost forgot to post this but a new version of LCDStudio has been released:

29.3.2003 16.36

There are some problems in the forum and sometime new posts don't bring the topic up. If you have posted something there and noticed this happening or you have had some other error please let me know and I'll try fix that.

23.3.2003 15.36

I moved some files to another server so if there are any dead links please inform me.

12.3.2003 20.36

Snake-DSL has written a German tutorial for 128x64 Displaytech displays.

You can check it here.

18.2.2003 17.16

Would you like to see some feature implemented in the future LCDInfo versions ? If you do then it's a good time to tell about that as LCDInfo will be completely rewritten.

Please post your ideas here.

19.1.2003 17.16

I recommend everyone checking their computers for viruses and worms as some visitor of this site is most likely infected with the W32.Sobig.A@mm worm. Today I got the worm to 3 different addresses within 5 minutes and so did Robert to the address available in the news below.

Some links to more information:

6.1.2003 23.46

Robert Aigner has kindly provided the domain for LCDInfo. Many thanks to him. So now you can reach this site using the url. Currently it just redirects to this site but as Robert also offered hosting this is going to change.

And as if this wasn't enough he also offered to make a new website for LCDInfo. But some help would be needed with the graphics - like logo and so on... If you would like to help with this please contact either me or Robert.

3.1.2003 23.14

Filippo sent me his bmp2lcd converter program for 128x64 displays. You can download it here.

17.12.2002 15.14

New colors for the site. Should be easier for the eyes. Let me know if you find these colors totally awful.

10.12.2002 18.35

New LCDInfo version with some new features. Get it here: LCDInfo v0.3.2

There haven't been too many responses to the "poll" yet but if you have ever tried LCDInfo it would be nice if you could share your experiences here. I guess someone would have even tried to use it as LCDInfo has been downloaded over 500 times since the release of version 0.3.

10.12.2002 16.35

Michael "aYreon" Mezger has made some screens for 128x128 displays. They can be found here:

5.12.2002 22.15

If someone has a display with T6963C controller and the size isn't supported yet, please tell about this in the forum or email me and I should be able to add support for your display. I can support different sizes but first I'd like to know what size displays there are.

I have also started sort of "poll" how LCDInfo works for you. Feel free to post your comments. You can also post as Quest so registration isn't required. I'm hoping to get some information if anyone has got LCDInfo working and what should be improved.

15.11.2002 17.45

Instructions for LCDInfo in the forum:

7.11.2002 13.45

Some utilities for KS0108 by MarkusM:



1.11.2002 23.59

It's been a long time since the last update but I have posted couple alpha preview versions to the forum if someone want's to try: (truetype font support, icon support for KS0108 etc.)

I also did some rearrangements in the forum and added a News section so in future you may find more up to date news from there.

12.9.2002 23.59

Another program that needs to be mentioned: LiQuiD-MP3

If you know other graphical lcd programs that aren't mentioned here let me know and I'll post a link to it.

12.9.2002 23.55

I just noticed that I don't have links to LCD Studio or PowerLCD anywhere. I added them to the T6963C->Programs page.

I have also added Gallery page where people can send their lcd pictures.

29.8.2002 21.55

LCDInfo v0.3.1

19.8.2002 13.50

Test program for KS0108 display

18.8.2002 17.50

It's been almost two months since the last update but here's LCDInfo v0.3

26.6.2002 00.05

LCDInfo v0.2f

19.6.2002 01.35

LCDInfo v0.2e

15.6.2002 05.14

If you would like to help and test a simple program that reads the NT performance counter information please have a look at this post in the forums. You don't need any lcd display for this program to work. Thanks.

11.6.2002 03.35

LCDInfo v0.2d

8.5.2002 11.10

Vähän lisää kuvia.

7.5.2002 22.10

Laitoin tuohon kuvat sivulle muutamia Nikon ottamia kuvia.

7.5.2002 19.10

Ohjelmat sivulta löytyy nyt Winamp plugin tällaiselle näytölle.

5.5.2002 23.30

Lisäsinpä tuossa huvikseni sivuille myös phpBB2:n. Sielläkin voi esittää kommentteja näillä sivuilla käsiteltävistä asioista.

1.5.2002 13.00

LCDInfo v 0.1 Ohjelmassa voi itse konfiguroida erilaisia ruutuja.

26.4.2002 20.50

Tässä oli muutama päivä sitten linkki KS0108 ja HD61202 näyttöihin liittyvään materiaaliin, mutta olen näköjään onnistunut hävittämään sen. Tässä se on kuitenkin uudestaan. KS0108_HD61202

24.4.2002 20.10

Omat ohjelmat siirretty erilliselle sivulle.

20.4.2002 21.30

Taas pientä päivitystä.

15.4.2002 22.50

Päivitys ohjelmaan.

14.4.2002 22.13

Ohjelmat sivulla pieni päivitys omaan ohjelmaani.