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Files needed: - C++ Builder 5 / Delphi 5 runtime (640 KB)
DriverLINX drivers: port95nt.exe (1570 KB)

Original TDLPortIO package (to compile the source code): TDLPortIO wrapper class + DriverLINX drivers (850 KB)

What's new


There is now a completely new rewrite of LCDInfo in development. It's possible to download a test version of it by going to the forum and checking the LCDInfo 0.6 section. It has support for many new display controllers and features not found in older LCDInfo versions.

10.12.2002 18.35 (329 KB) Windows 9x / NT (341 KB) NT

  • Truetype font support
  • Icon support for KS0108
  • Support for 5 POP3 accounts
  • External IP
  • Winamp 3 support
  • Read a line from any text file
  • Virtual LCD background color customizable
  • Current track number and total playlist tracks for Winamp2
  • Niko's new 240x64 screen designs are also included
  • and many other changes
  • For help and more information check this thread in the forum.
  • If you find any bugs or problems please report them to the forum so that they can be fixed.

I was hoping to release version 0.4 but there are still some features I'd like to work on but haven't had the time. I'm hoping that this version has some usable new features while waiting for the next version.