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S1D13305 LCD controller

Board includes a DC/DC converter for generating the negative voltage needed by the displays. Also it has a 14 pin 1.25 mm pitch FFC connector for connecting a display with FFC cable. Board can be also assembled without FFC connector for connecting to displays not using the FFC cable. Also available is a version with a 12 pin FFC connector.


DMF-50840 and LM32007T versions.
s1d13305_dmf-50840_board        s1d13305_lm32007t_board

DMF-50840 version is compatible with many QVGA panels that have the same pinout and connector.

35 €

320x240 LCD displays

LM32007T - white on blue
DG320240 (pictures in the ADS Graphics Client Plus section below)

All are unused displays still in factory packaging

Display + S1D13305 controller 65 €
Full assembled package for PC parallel port also possible

Noritake VFD USB interface board

Works with
usb_noritake_board     gu256x64-355_us

Another board for the 3900 series

Discussed here for example

39 €

ADS Graphics Client Plus


Comes with a Linux source distribution from the board manufacturer including drivers for the peripherals on the board.
Also included is instructions for installing the toolchain and getting started with the board.
U-Boot can be used as an alternative bootloader in addition to the original bootloader for convenient TFTP booting during development.

ads_dg_linux_boot      dg_fstn4

Compared to the full spec board these boards are missing some components from the PCB:

Also available

ADS board + 320x240 display with interface board as seen in the picture 100 €

Items are in Finland and shipping is possible to pretty much anywhere. For smaller items airmail shipping for 3 € is possible to most countries.